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Aunt Emma Fern Everdon Carter - Circa 1923

Emma Fern Everdon was born to Samuel A. Everdon, a farmer, and Flora Bell Forbes on October 7, 1901, in Crawford County, Indiana. Fern was the youngest of four Everdon children: William Clyde, born 1890; Cora Blanche, born 1893; Geneva, born 1895, and Emma Fern, born 1901. In 1910, the entire family lived on the Everdon Farm on Leavenworth-Makings Road in Jennings, Crawford County.

On April 28, 1915, Fern’s sister Cora Blanche married Floyd W. Schoch, an attendant at the Michigan Home in Lapeer. Floyd Schoch died in 1916 and is buried in Oakland County. On August 15, 1919, Cora Blanche Everdon Schock, then listed as a nurse, married Fred H. Abbey, a bookkeeper, in Detroit. Fred Abbey had also been married once before. The next year, the couple was living in Lapeer,

On December 24, 1919, William Clyde, a rubber worker, married Cordie Alice Watts in Hamilton County, Ohio. The next year, Clyde and Cordie were both living in Elba, Lapeer County.

In 1920, both Fern and her sister Geneva lived on their father’s farm and worked as telephone operators. On June 18, 1921, Fern’s sister Geneva, then a nurse, married farmer Francis McDonald in Lapeer. Fern served as one of the witnesses.

Aunt Fern and Aunt Winifred Carter - circa 1923

Emma Fern Everdon married Sanford White Carter, a nickel plater, on October 15, 1921 in Lapeer, Michigan. Their witnesses were Ester Swartzkopf, the wife of the paster, and Neva Fisher. The couple moved to Lansing for three years, but returned to Lapeer in March 1925, when Sanford got a job as a molder at the Bostick Stove Works. Sanford and Fern moved into 46 Turrill Avenue and often spent time with Sanford’s brother, Leon, and his family. According to photographs, Fern was particularly fond of spending time with her young niece, Winifred.

Around the end of May 1926, Sanford experienced abdominal pains and went to Lapeer City Hospital. There, he underwent “an operation for appendicitis,” which probably means that he had his appendix removed. While in the hospital, Sanford developed pneumonia, and on June 8, 1926, died.

After Sanford’s death, there is little evidence of Fern. By 1930, “Emma F. Carter, widow” was employed as an attendant at the Traverse City State Hospital in Traverse City, Michigan. Since her sister Geneva was a nurse in Lapeer, it is likely that Fern received similar training, and may have even worked at the Michigan State Home in Lapeer.

Sometime between 1930 and 1939, Fern Everdon remarried. She may have been married and had a son with someone with the last name of Hayhow. By 1939, Fern had married Thomas LaFrance, born September 10, 1909 in Michigan. The couple had at least three children, two daughters and a son. Fern died January 20, 1949, in Wayne County, Michigan. Thomas LaFrance died December 21, 1985, in Garden City, Wayne County, Michigan.