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Dana Parker Carter was born to Lorenzo Dow Carter and Luna Beardsley on January 11, 1850 in Attica, Lapeer County, Michigan. He was the eighth of eleven children, but before Dana was born, three of his siblings had died in 1844. Two more siblings died in 1851 before Dana turned the age of two.

On February 13, 1873, Dana Parker Carter married Eliza Marie Firman in Lapeer County, Michigan. The couple had at least eight children: Florence Mae in 1874, Lavant Brown in 1875, Norman Brace in 1878, William Firman in 1880, John Wesley in 1884, Mintha Peck in 1887, Clyde Clive in 1891, and Lorenzo Dow in 1893. All of these children lived to adult hood.

By looking at the names of Lorenzo & Luna’s children and grandchildren, evidence of special relationships emerge. For example, Lorenzo named two of his children, Norman Brace and George Lewis, after two of his brothers of the same names. Dana also named some of his children in this way: Lavant Brown, after his brother; Norman Brace, after his uncle; Mintha Peck, after his sister Mintha who married John Peck; and Lorenzo Dow, after his father. Dana & Eliza’s son William Firman was named after Eliza Firman’s father, William. In the same way, Dana’s little sister, Irena Dow, named her second son Dana Griswold after her brother.

Dana Parker Carter, like his father and brothers, was a farmer. By 1893, he owned 40 acres in the NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 28 in Attica Township. The land was along Belle River Road near Lake George Rd. *See an land analysis here.*

According to the 1910 Census, Dana Parker Carter’s household included his wife, Eliza, his youngest son, Lorenzo Dow, and his seven-year-old grandson, Sanford White Carter.

On June 30 1911, Dana Parker Carter was found dead at the age of 63 as a result of suicide by hanging. He was buried in Attica Cemetery on July 2, 1911 in a plot near the railroad tracks.

There are many questions pertaining to the life and death of Dana Parker Carter, including:
– Where is Dana Parker Carter in the 1870 Census?
– Why did Dana commit suicide?
– What did Dana Parker Carter look like?
– Why did William Firman’s son Sanford live with his grandparents?